Quality or Quantity of sugar daddies, which one do you prefer?

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After I joined the sugar arrangements sites, I found out that many sugar babies have more than one sugar daddy. I wonder if sugar babies really want a sweet date. As a sugar daddy finder, whether the quantity is more important than quality? How to find a good daddy who will support you, not a few sugar daddies who will make you hundreds of dollars. Frankly, feel as if I’m not sure if this kind of men can call themselves a sugar daddy.

From my perspective, I care more about the quality of sugar daddy than the quantity. Here are my two main points:

A high quality, intelligent sugar daddy is the most important

When a beautiful young girl graduates, she does a boring office job for several years, and gradually loses interest in her job and passion for life. Women need something exciting and different, as long as it's not dangerous or illegal. Do you think they indiscriminately collect what we can only call "clients"? Hell, no. They have things to do and they know how important time is. And they get along better and better, there are a lot of men just want to find someone to have a cup of coffee or chat.

If someone is willing to provide money for their time, they will love the job. That's what quality means to them. Same money, same time, coffee or dinner, not boring office work.

“Being a sugar baby allows me to have time to enjoy my hobbies, be involved in my community doing volunteering; I don’t feel like I’m just existing and sleepwalking through life with a 9 to 5 job.”

– A typical “Friendship Only” type of sugar baby. She was always careful, took precautions and did a lot of homework. Sometimes it can be hard work because the environment is always changing, but she likes to socialize and she is now living comfortably.

If you know your bottom line and how to say "no," that can be a good thing. Maybe one day you'll stop and go back to school or the office.

We all watch or read the news. You know how bad our world is. People die every day. I mean, you only live once, why not do what's best for you?

It’s Easier in the Long Run

You should use common sense to tell the difference between falling in love with a sugar daddy and falling in love with a luxury experience. You're not a prostitute. You were in a mutually beneficial relationship, not just between a prostitute and a customer. It's just that you need to know what a sugar daddy is, and then you'll know that there are rich men out there who want to do it for you. If you can impress him, you'll get more out of your relationship.

I saw someone comment on a post about the author's experience in the sugar bowl and finally, she mentioned her age and they wanted younger women. "Yes, it is true. But if he's 50, then 20 is younger and maybe even more attractive to him. At 26, I'm much more confident than I was at 20. I am now better at expressing my needs, wants, likes and dislikes.

This is a long-term job, but not one that is eager to cash in. You must know that sugar babies are not like sex workers and can make money quickly, right? This is difficult, but not impossible.

Of course, you won't always be a sugar doll. The most important thing now is to live comfortably and enjoy it.

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