How to gracefully ending arrangement with your sugar daddy? ?

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When an arrangement comes to an end, you may be disappointed, after all, that you will lose a stable financial source in the short term. But sugar daddies don't. Most sugar daddies have more than one sugar baby. So how do you gracefully end your arrangement with your sugar daddy ?

Signs that the arrangement should be terminated

First, if you find that your current arrangements are not meeting your expectations, or that your sugar daddy has promised you a smaller allowance or allowance, it's time to talk to your sugar daddy. Many sugar babies are demanding more from sugar daddies after they sign a deal, hoping to get more money or gifts from sugar daddies. But for sugar daddies, the money they invest in sugar babies is enough, so they don't want to spoil them anymore.

Second, young sugar babies may have more sexual needs than their older sugar daddies. So sugar babies end up looking for younger sugar daddies to meet their physical needs.

There's another potential reason, of course, if you have another date that's taking up more time than you expected, or you're already dating someone you'd like to set up. Juggling multiple SDs or having a boyfriend may seem like fun and can help you get more sugar baby perks, but it's against sugar dating rules, be honest. For sugar daddies who want to be faithful to themselves, they don't want their sugar baby to be arranged with several older men at the same time, which is disloyal to them.

How to end gracefully?

Often closing arrangements are made by sugar daddies because most rich, older men don't like being rejected. If you want to get the best results, asking your sugar daddy out for an interview may be ideal. You ask others to be honest and frank with you, so you should have the same attitude towards them. This is the most basic etiquette and respect. In a way, a man who has spent so much money on you shouldn't see you again when you're apart? Of course, if, in the meantime, your sugar daddy is on a business trip or can't see you for any other reason, call. Tell him directly and honestly that things aren't going your way and it's time to end the arrangement. Even if you are hurt, don't be cruel or say anything trivial. Fame is everything in the sugar bowl. Make a good impression on each other if you want to stay on the site.

If you get the ‘buh-bye’

This could happen at some point. You'll think things are going well and you'll be asked to end the arrangement. Consider these possibilities before you focus on feelings of rejection and hurt. Maybe he's not ready for someone as great as you -- his feelings are deeper than he wants them to be. Perhaps he has several plans, one of which takes up more time than he thinks. Try to let him go gracefully, as you would like him to do for you.

Thank him for the time he spent with you, for the gifts he gave you, for the time he taught you, as your mentor. I hope everything goes well with him. If necessary, make a date with a few good friends, go shopping, eat, talk, and slowly forget about this sad arrangement and find a new sugar daddy to fill the gap.

Although sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship are based on mutually benefits, in any relationship, we should say goodbye with grace and respect. Anyway, you should be grateful to the person who helped you in your most difficult times, mentally or financially. If you've just finished arrangement with sugar daddy and looking to find your next sugar daddy as soon as possible, welcome to, a great place for you.

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