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My name is Fiona, 23, a Chinese Asian girl studying in the UK. I come from an affluent family. My father is the founder of a hotel chain and his business is very good. However, my monthly allowance does not support my daily expenses. I am a girl who likes chasing stars and also like shopping and makeup. You know, girls like us usually spend a lot of money to maintain our lifestyle.

As a new arrival in Britain, I am not familiar with everything here. I am also lonely and have no good friends, let alone a boyfriend. So, to go to my favorite stars' concerts every weekend, I needed to find a rich sugar daddy to pay for my lifestyle. I used to dream of dating tall, handsome, rich and gentlemanly English men, and although I didn't know if I could make it, I still wanted to try. I deeply understand how difficult it is for students from a foreign country to get to know wealthy men, especially in real life. But one day at lunchtime, I heard other students saying "sugar daddies." that was the first time I heard it, so I Google it on the Internet.

With everything in place, I started creating profiles on the free sugar daddy sites and started matching. Perhaps because there are fewer sugar babies from Asia on the sugar daddy website, I get a lot of winking and flirting confidence and emails as soon as I complete my profile. They all tried to date me, and I chose a 40-year-old British man to be my sugar daddy.

The sugar daddy was a wealthy and generous businessman. He took me on holiday and to dinner in his expensive sports car. Everything seemed fine, but I couldn't stand his arrogance because I could sense his contempt for women in his conversation. In his eyes, I was a cheap prostitute who could be bought with money, who didn't cooperate with him and only saw me when he needed me.

My second date was a medical worker from London. To tell you the truth, this man doesn't look my type, but he told me that he deposits $4,000 a month into my account and lavishly gives me expensive gifts and extravagant vacations. I finally decided to meet him. As before, we had a Platonic dating. He said he did not like the word "spoil" because it was full of disrespect for women. He wants me to think of him as my boyfriend. Because of his sincerity, I finally decided to accept his arrangement, even though he was not my ideal partner.

A young girl dating an older man for money may seem strange at first, but once you get to know such a man, you will be overwhelmed by his maturity and generosity. Especially if each of your dates is fun and relaxing, it will make you want a longer relationship.

He often sends me messages, telling me that he misses me so much, just like a boyfriend, reminding me to take good care of myself. When I am with him, I put my worries behind me and he always finds some good ways to inspire me. Unlike other sugar daddies, Johnny always surprises me when I least expect it. He can see through other people's hearts and always knows what I want most. He is a real gentleman who knows how to create a romantic atmosphere and how to make me feel relaxed and comfortable.

Since I met him, I don't have to worry about money now, I live the life I want. Over eight months, he spent nearly $100,000 on my behalf, which made me feel greedy. Gradually, I got used to his care and consideration. Sometimes I even feel like I can't leave this man. However, he always reminds me that if one day I get tired of being with him, I can leave him at any time. I knew he wasn't saying that he didn't care about me, but that he respected me.

I'm not sure how long our relationship will last, but I'm sure I'll miss him even if we end up apart. That's my story as a sugar baby. I want to tell that girls looking for sugar daddy dating online, don't be sad after a failure, believe that there will be a better sugar daddy waiting for you.

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