Can you accept the sugar daddy older than your dad?

older sugar daddy

General speaking, sugar daddy is often older than a sugar baby, even older than a sugar baby's' dad. Can you accept a date with a sugar daddy that is older than your father? In this article, I’m going to discuss what you need to understand if you are going to date a sugar daddy who is as old as your dad (or even older than your dad).

The old sugar daddy has different interests.

If you have recently launched the latest love movie in the cinema, you may ask the sugar to accompany you to see it. But he may want to listen to the concert. When you want to go to the bar after 10 pm, he may have fallen asleep. Every time you encounter this kind of problem, you may lose interest in sugar. However, you need to remember that the most important thing about the sugar daddy arrangement is mutual benefit. Everyone needs it. You can't ask him to have the same interest as you as your ex-boyfriend. You should be grateful to Sugar Daddy for giving you everything and paying a corresponding return on his contribution, you can get more benefits.

Maybe he is a married sugar daddy.

Girl, don't be too naive! A rich and mature man can't be single. Many sugar daddies on sugar dating websites are also married. Therefore, before you arrange with your daddy, you need to figure out whether he is married and has a family. Whether his wife and children will interfere with his life and so on. In his case, you will be able to make informed decisions for yourself so that you can maximize your interests and minimize risk.

Old sugar daddies are usually more generous.

Most of the time, older sugar daddies have more wealth, so bringing gifts and allowances to you is not a big deal for him. This is why he is more likely to be very generous. In addition, the older sugar daddies have more insecurities, such as his age and lack of attraction (maybe he is bald or obese), so in order to increase his eye value, he is often willing to give you more allowances. - Remember the principle of reciprocity, the exchange of values ​​(when he does not have enough physical value to provide you, he will automatically add more value by giving you more gifts/subsidies).

Therefore, it can be seen that dating older sugar daddies may have some benefits that young sugar dads can't provide. However, before starting a sugar relationship with an older sugar daddy, you should first evaluate the pros and cons. Therefore, most sugar babies can accept dating with a sugar daddy older than their father.

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