11 Cute things to tell your sugar daddy to make him feel appreciated

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It's not just women who love to hear compliments about themselves. Men are no exception. Men love to hear cute things, too. Especially for a sugar daddy, when a sugar daddy meets a sugar baby on the best arrangement dating site, he sends gifts and offers financial aid to his baby, they also hope sugar baby will like it and appreciate it. So, once your sugar daddy does something for you, say something cute things to him to make him appreciate you more.

Here are some lovely things to tell your sugar daddy that will make him appreciate and like you more:

You can't go wrong praising your sugar daddy. Whether it's his looks, his strength, or his excellent work. Anything can happen. Just avoid anything he might be sensitive about.

Everyone has a no-go zone. Maybe it's your weight or your feet. However, if he's sensitive to his thinning hairline, as sugar daddies are usually older men, it's important to avoid talking about age-related issues if your sugar daddy is over 50. Let him know that you also care about his feelings, will care about him, love him.

1. Send a sweet text.

Wealthy older men are always busy with the daily grind. However, if you can give him a sweet text message once in a while it can brighten his day. You can say you miss him, you can't wait to see him, or even something casual to lift his spirits.

2. You look too tired today.

It seems basic, but we all like to listen, including men. So admire his looks. Tell him that the suit looks younger, great, and the shirt underneath looks great, and you're getting more stylish.

3. Be grateful to your sugar daddy.

One of the loveliest things to show your appreciation after a date or when he gives you money is to tell him that it will make him feel loved and cared for. Everyone likes to hear it. Why not more often? Not only will it make him feel good, but it will also remind you of those feelings.

4. Share your favorite moment.

Although you don't want your relationship to dwell on the past, remember some of your favorite moments together. Let him know you're still thinking about him. Maybe he impressed you, an anniversary surprise or a vacation. Whatever it is, remind him that you notice what he's doing.

5. Tell him he's funny.

Everyone loves that kind of compliment. It may not seem romantic, but it does boost confidence. Next time your sugar daddy makes a good impression on you or tells a joke, don't just laugh, compliment him. Let him know he can be fun, and when he sees you happy because of him, he'll love you more and spoil you.

6. Speak up when you're in awe of him.

How many times have you felt disappointed, upset or frustrated because of the pressure of study or conflicts among classmates? It was your sugar daddy who tried his best to enlighten you, be a good mentor and tell you his life experience.

We can look at him and laugh and think, wow, he's great. But it helps to let him know that you saw what he did and that you were impressed.

7. Enhance his manhood.

Yes, it goes back to the dark ages, but even as men embrace their feminine side, most men still like to boost their testosterone. Knowing that you think he's strong and reliable, even heroic, is what all men want to hear, even if they don't want to admit it.

Whether it's superheroes, old movies, or whatever, every man likes to protect or save a girl in trouble. He likes you to be an independent and capable woman in the 21st century, but occasionally having him in that role makes him giddy.

8. Say you're sorry.

Whether you argued, said something you regretted, or just lost your temper, apologize. Sometimes it's hard. Because in a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship, it's usually not okay to be angry with your sugar daddy unless he's done something you can't stand. If it's about money, it's even less necessary because you can negotiate.

9. Tell him he's right.

Admit you were wrong and tell him he was right. Maybe he wanted to hear it all along. Hopefully, he won't be too happy and starts looking forward to more.

But if you know what you did wrong, admit it. As women, we tend to think that we are always right, perhaps because we are usually right, but give him a chance once in a while.

10. Share how lucky you are.

Suddenly, tell him how lucky you are to get a rich man to support you. This is a simple sentence. This seems obvious. But it's a lovely thing to tell your sugar daddy and make him proud and loving of you. Using your words and letting him know that you're not just putting up with him, but are happy to be with him can make a big difference in your relationship.

11. Thank him for his kind words.

Whether your man is complimenting you or keeping them to himself at the important moment, say thank you. I know I've said that already, but in our daily lives, sometimes we can ignore compliments. We can roll our eyes or ignore the sweet things we're used to.

I don't know about you, but when I get a compliment from a stranger, it stays with me all day. Praise from sugar daddy or family, but I forgot. Be sure to let him know that you heard what he said and that you appreciate that he went out of his way to let you know how he felt.

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